Below is a list of of Science Emails and Presentations I have prepared for co-workers, general science friends and public presentations that I have given for fun in my spare time:

Time for the 'Great American Eclipse' Aug 21, 2017
Why are my veins blue, if my blood is red?
Spacex Does it Again!!!!! - But this time from GEO not LEO? (What the heck is GEO and LEO Tyler, and why is your subject line so incredibly long?)
Cassini Probe and the Warping Of Space Time
Einstien's Theory of General Relativity 100th Year Anniversary
SpaceX Land First Stage and why it's such a big deal
Black Hole's Part 1 of 2
Black Hole's Part 2 of 2
What are Gravity Waves and what is the big deal?

And two of my Power point Presentations (Slight issues with slide notations when exported to HTML) -

Spaceflight 101
Apollo 13 - Lessons Learned